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    Python BRM Inventory

    BRM Inventory help to test rules before starting using  them in REST API.  It will help to improve rules. See the code:


    Python BRM Rest API docs


    REST API calls  around  1,2,3 step process:

    • Step 1:  POST excel  file wth rules
    • Step 2: POST array of parameters  as JSON, CSV or in old EDI text format
    • Step 3: Repeat step 2 as many as required all rules already evaluated by Python evaluator. Simple as Python itself.  We promise 1000 rules * 1000 parameters  will be < 1 sec ,thank you Theano and Numpy libraries

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    Python BRM rules syntax and examples

    • conditional operands < , >, >=, <=
    • constants wrapped by single quote 'C'  constants which appear  in predefined functions  use double quotes exclude(PARAM,"C")>'MI34'
    • Numerical  must be without quote

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